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Frequently Asked Questions

Go on, ask about Free Classified Ads .net and how it works? There are no hidden items, moreover, everything is absolutely free. 🙂
Frequently asked questions


What is this and why am I here? 🙂

  • We assume that you want to write an ad that will be visible all over the world and even in your target area, or looking for (reading) something similar. If so, everything is fine, if not – also.   🙂


On the previous page you didn’t wrote for how long the ad will be online?

  • That’s right, sorry. 🙂 Currently ad lasts 90 days but it can be adjusted. You can personally delete an ad if you want so, or you can prolong it before expiry.


Is it safe for me to enter my email?

  • It is absolutely safe, your e-mail is using just for your classifieds and we won’t disclose it to anyone, even at the cost of severe torture.  🙂


I’ve already had advertised to other web sites and may not be necessary to post here…

  • It doesn’t have to be that way. You could be pleasantly surprised especially because we pay attention to SEO and your ad will be found.
    After all, it is well to advertised at several different places.


I have some questions that are not explained?

  • Excellent. Please contact us here, we will reply to you, and if it is the right question, we will publish it here.
    Thanks everyone 🙂

Free listings

Warning No1: SPAM and trolls are no friends to anyone. This is written by the website admin: If I notice or it just seems to me that you are duplicating text or SPAMing in another way; ADS AND USER ACCOUNT WILL BE DELETED WITHOUT ADDITIONAL WARNING.
Please keep this in mind, that is just one click for me.
Thank you for understanding and cooperation. 🙂

Tito Palamida, Advertise Manager
for Free-classified-ads.net

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