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What is Online or Internet Advertising, Free Marketing

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Modern form of marketing

Online advertising or Internet advertising is a modern form of marketing which is used to deliver promotional marketing to consumers via the Internet. Online advertising includes many different types of Display ads (mainly web banner advertising), but also includes other forms such as SEM (Search engine marketing) and many different types of mobile advertising.

Online Advertising
Many different Ad networks have appeared over the last decade and they have turned this into a Billion dollar industry in which millions of Publishers serve ads as part of their Advertising programs.
Here we will be taking a look at something slightly different, and it is called Free Online Advertising.
Free Online Advertising is great for Businesses, Products and Websites who don’t have the required funds in order to make effective Ad campaigns on sites such as Facebook or Google. This is a way you can reach wider audiences and consumers depending on your needs, and you don’t need to spend money in the process.

Online Advertising

The most popular ways of doing this include using sites like “Google My Business”, and making sure that Search Engines know your site by submitting your links directly to them. Taking time to improve your SEO will be the key to success in the long run.
Of course there are many other ways of getting your Product/Website to Consumers, one of which was used long before the rise of the Web. We are talking about Free Classified Ads.

Free online advertising
Classified ads have appeared in a newspapers for more than a century, and it is no surprise that this has shifted over to the Virtual world. Many sites like Craigslist.com operate on this model, and you can enjoy all of the benefits of Free Classified Ads if you know how to use them properly.

How to sell your product?

Do you have a product you want to sell? If so, this is the best way of maximizing the return on your investment as these types of ads are mostly free. If not, they are still much cheaper than some of the other Ad Networks we mentioned above.

US advertising revenues

Free methods of getting your Ads across

With everything said, we recommend that you try out these Free methods of getting your Ads across because you have nothing to lose, and they represent a perfect tool for Low-Budget Businesses and Websites alike.

Tito Palamida, Advertise Manager
for Free-classified-ads.net

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